Our Philosophy

The core philosophy of ACCT is one of calmness and mindfulness, recognizing that life involves times of quiet self-reflection, times of tribulation, times of celebration, times of loss, times of despair, and times of hope. Each person has within them, all the resources needed to grow, learn, and experience life to its fullness with the support of fellow human beings, their own inner wisdom, and a living spiritual awareness. 

Our Mission

The mission of ACCT is to provide person centered care and support whether in the service of counseling, clinical supervision, or counselor training. The responsibility of the mentor is to support development of individual problem-solving, creativity, talent, and skills. Counseling and professional development done in this way will lead to insight and a renewed perspective of life both personally and professionally. At the core of living life to its fullest is a clear sense of one’s purpose, the ability to navigate the difficulties of life, and a conscious awareness of how to support self and others while remaining authentic, present, and grounded. 

“…With compassion and support we have the opportunity to turn the stumbling blocks of life into stepping stones for growth and understanding. Counseling gives us the option of not doing it alone.”
— Unknown

Founder of ACCT Linda Harrison MS, LPCS, CCS, MAC

Marketing and Registration, Jake Alspaugh, MA English, BA Literature

Marketing and Registration, Jake Alspaugh, MA English, BA Literature

Jake’s background is in Rhetoric, Composition, and Writing Studies. He is an experienced teacher and coordinator of Writing Tutoring programs at public and private 4-year universities and has experience as a Lead Instructor in wilderness therapy, facilitating therapeutic expeditions into the Western North Carolina Wilderness. In addition to his work at ACCT, he is pursuing a MA of Professional Clinical Counseling. Jake has always loved writing and the outdoors and is committed to ACCT’s vision of personal and professional growth at the intersection of learning and nature. He hopes to one day further explore these connections while bringing to bear his background in Writing Studies in his own private practice.